Gutwad Thawts on Tribe

Ok, so dat didnt go as pland. Dont git kocky Gutwad. Nex time we hav to fite, don yell insult at enemys. Dat ork wuman jus lookt at your arow in her chest an laft. Alwas hide, it better wen dey don see u atack.

Now dat the humans hav akcepted u as a part of there tribe, u won bee as lonly. Dey now r taking u with them wer ever dey go. Its good feeling akcepted, even other kobolds didnt akcept you like Mi’Kael. U can tel Mi’Kael likes Gutwad most, he stick up four u even wen it put Mi’Kael in dangr. U look out for Mi’Kael too, he get himself into lots of truble. Mi’Kael most unprict unpredact unprediktable. In won moment he save tribe, then nex he put all in dangr wit same words. Gutwad think Mi’Kael not think, jus do…but Mi’Kael still alive…so mabe Gutwad shud jus do too, thinking hard anyway.

A-shin-duh so hard to understand. Most of time he wear large armor, make it hard to see faces. Mabe he very sad and not want udders to see face, dats wat Gutwad do wen he sad. Or mabe he always mad…I don know, his voice hard to under-stand wen he talk. He always redy to kil, so Gutwad stay away from sharp blade.

Jack very twichy, like he see someone in shadohs. He jump at every sneez and fart, makes Gutwad worry too. Is bear fart dangrous? Gutwad stay away from big bear jus in case. When Jack get reel twichy, he drink from smal water skin. Gutwad think it mus be special poshion, so when we on boat, and when Jack was staring at nature god speeking in big voice, Gutwad sneak big drink of poshion so he hav curage too. Only it full of muddy brown water dat make mowth burn. Mus be bad poshion, not giv curage, only hedake. So Gutwad refil with water from sea, and put bak on Jack’s belt. Sea water taste better anyway.

Beni-fist-oh is so angry, he got more angry too wen he club green-man. Gutwad not want to git too close and git clubbed aksidentaly. Bird they cal Dwain is nice thow. Gutwad fownd lots of dry’d meat in big city, and sneek Dwain peaces when no won look. Dwain grow lots from food, he now bigger than any in tribe. Makes Gutwad not want to eat dry’d meat and make Gutwad big too. Esier to hide wen small. Maybe A-shin-duh have food in magic sack…Gutwad look wen A-shin-duh sleapy.

Dat elf Tir-y-el is strange. The way he talk sound like he mor cumfertable with his bear than with peeples. At leest he fast with bow, he fires so many mor arows than Gutwad…hmmm, maybe Gutwad try to find special painful arrows to make up for less arows. Pour elf look very gray after tribe free him from prisun, he need lots of light. Tonite, Gutwad move many torchs near elf when he sleap so he get lots of light.

Big ork wuman takled Mi’Kael!?! Ooo, there r som perfict shadows to hide in, beter git ready to fite if Mi’Kael gits us into truble again.


On Being an Ork

Kael thinks being an ork is the greatest thing; it only gets better by being the most orky one can be.

What’s so good about being an ork? It is their way of being strong, tough and free. It is about not shying from conflict, addressing problems head on, and going with one’s gut judgment over things like “laws” and “customs.” Its about enjoying life pleasures—eating, fighting, f***ing, singing, sleeping, etc— no matter the circumstances, and letting no beast or man get in your way!

In past, Kael resented his human side, but have better come to terms with it. True, human side is the source of non-orky tendencies, but these tendencies don’t pre-determine what Kael does; it is to some extent up to him to make something orky out of non-orky drives. As Kael has aged,  he has come to appreciate how his human side has allowed him to understand some of the subtler aspects of being an ork.

For instance, while round-about deception and certain forms of diplomacy are certainly un-orky—especially hiding behind “laws” or “treaties” in settling what to do—there are acts of doing things with words which do manifest ork greatness. Kael realized this, and this is what made him mesh with other pure-blood ork speaker of words—they are a segment of ork society more receptive to Kael’s vision of orkyness.

How does Kael know this? Kael is used to acting as spokesperson; Kael’s humanity makes him someone other humans are more at ease talking to, while also making him something of an insult as courier or diplomat in inter-tribal relations. Both have their uses.

As a speaker, Kael knows more ork history and mythology than other orks. From this, he’s learned that, while it is normal for ork leaders to require implied violence for words to carry weight, great orks don’t need this. Other orks do what a great ork leader or hero says to do just cause he says to do it! So, in Kael’s mind, there is a certain “commanding presence” to great ork leaders that all orks should aspire to. Sure, many orks fall short, but that just means they aint being da best ork they can be! (He, like other orks, also thinks its more orky to lead from the front—a great ork isn’t going to ask his companions to do something he is not prepared to do.)

Along these lines, Kael has a somewhat different view of violence than other orks. Kael values strength and freedom, and thinks you are empowered and made more free by having powerful allies. So, you make yourself stronger and more free by making allies stronger and more free.

Foes represent a limit to your freedom; they won’t let you do what you judge fit to do. What do with foes? Kill foe is good; dead foe can’t limit freedom. And if dead foe does, you didn’ make um dead enough! As bonus, you can eat dead foe.

But, conquer foe is better. Best conquer, in Kael’s view, is conquering of soul. Conquer soul is to make foe ally, and that means to make limit of freedom enhance freedom! So, the best form of conquering involves the conquering of souls.The truly great ork can change enemies outlook, and so make weakness into strength. But, if that dosen’t work, then a good arrow to the neck or axe to the face is the next best thing!

Of course, not all orks share Kael’s view. Kael is aware of this, but, being an ork, is not one to back down from a dispute. Kael thinks that many other orks have an overly narrow conception of what it is to be an ork. In terms of freedom, other orks’ dogmas about orkyness prevent them from living as orky lives as they could. Kael thinks its a weakness of other orks not to recognize broader ways of being ork. Other orks would be empowered for recognizing and adopting Kael’s vision of what an ork should aspire to be.

And, since Kael thinks of orks as one people—basically all allies, just with the normal orky bouts of stabbing and brawling—and because Kael thinks you are more strong and more free by having more powerful allies, Kael thinks its important to opens other orks eyes to the possibilities of being orky, and so to empower them.

So, in one sense, acceptance and recognition is what Kael is looking for, but it is not just any old acceptance. Kael wants others to accept that his way of being orky is being orky, and for them to come to accept his ideals of orkyness because those ideals are manifested in Kael’s actions—-Kael particular acts are informed by and express a conception of orkiness that other orks come to recognize as their own. That is, Kael does the sorts of deeds he thinks a great ork would do, and this is his means to be accepted by the orkish people. This is Kael’s fight.

Rage and Friendship

Oh what a familiar feeling…taking the life of Lord Nagakuta  I felt a release that has not happened for a long time. The thrill of revenge, not for my self but for all of those that were caught in the acid net of Nagakuta’s ambition….I am ashamed to admit that it is a feeling that I crave, that I yearn for and will most certainly need again.

On another happier note I have also found myself becoming most fond of the half-Orc Kael. He is a bit of a bumbling fool but in the most endearing way possible. When he fell under the spell of Lord Nagakuta and ran off I realized that I became increasingly worried about his safety and upon his return felt enormous relief. I am now committed to his survival and well being. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that he comes out on the other side of this alive and whole (unless he shoots me in the back with an arrow again)

Last Thread of Hope

Fuck these guards! Working for the Caastigen Scouts, I’ve seen some pieces of shit. But even the most sadistic mercenaries that have been hired by the Sindaran Army, are less brutal and cruel than these guards. They nearly killed Uther dragging us down here. Even now he comes in and out of consciousness. At least the blood has stopped seeping out, but his fur is mostly just matted blood at this point. heh, I guess I am not much better off though. When we came to the first gate, the one of the officers clubbed me in the face with a mace, before he even unlocked the door. By the time I came to, my face was stuck to a rock covered in dried blood, my gear was gone, and I was chained by the foot to the rock wall in the cavern. Uther was near enough I could see him…not that I am even sure he knows I am here. I am almost certain they locked me in the same chains that Atharia was in when we came to get her released, and I can only assume its intentional.

I can see one of the obsidian-like obelisks in the torchlight. A few cycles of sleep after I came to, I noticed that the obelisk emitted a soft light, almost indistinguishable in the near torch light. Some time later, as I was staring off into the dark, I saw the soft glow drain quickly out of it. Afterwards, it almost pulled the light out of the room, and even with my dark-vision, everything seemed darker. With my newly acquired aptitude for casting some lower level arcane spells, I could feel an immediate pull of any magical strength I had left. Not like what spells I had memorized would help me in this situation anyway.

The guards take turns patrolling around the obelisk, as it is in the center of the chamber. I still cant tell if the are guarding it, or just keeping an eye on the creatures chained up in here. When they get bored a pair of them will disappear into one of the corners of the cavern, and I can hear them beating on some poor creature. So far they have ignored the unconscious Uther, and have only made sport of me twice. I must not have cried out in pain like they wanted, and they have pretty much left me alone for a while. Time is impossible to judge in here; most humans all look the same to me, so judging how many guard shifts have changed is difficult to count with a foggy mind. Not like I would even know how long their shifts were anyway.

They have brought food twice, but the empty pit in my stomach tells me that I’ve been down here for a good several days. I have resorted to licking the moisture off of the rock walls, since I haven’t seen them bring water to anyone but themselves, and I don’t hold much hope they will be sharing anytime soon, at least this cave has a constant slick of moisture. I’ve tried eave’s dropping in on the guard’s conversations, hoping to catch word of what might be going on outside. But all I ever hear them talk about is some poor girl one of them raped, or how they lost a game of troll’s knuckles and got their money back by killing the guy in an alley.

I figure with Benefisto’s reaction to when we all were here last, I half expect him to come charging in at any time to free the creatures here. They aren’t that stupid though. Hopefully they got Atharia out of the city safely, and they wont try anything too stupid. I know I wasn’t upfront with the group when we all first met, so I cant help fearing I lost their trust. Even if I haven’t though, and they are out in the city trying to prove my innocence, facing a trial to prove my innocence against Lord Nagakuta…it wont be a fair trial by any stretch of the imagination. I have made peace that this prison is the last place I will see. I just wish I could have kept Uther from this fate, and told Lilly goodbye…

Wait…what’s going on? All the guards just drew their weapons, ran to the shack near the entrance, and are talking in hushed voices…and what is that noise? Is that…a…bell?


I can’t believe I spent a year by myself trying to free my mom, and after tagging up with this group of adventures, we free her in three weeks. I only wish I had found them sooner. I am indebted to each and every one of them, and they all have some pretty significant problems that they need help with. But the road ahead looks pretty dangerous, and I only hope we make it though all of this alive.

Getting Atharia out of that pit I felt like it was a trap, every second I expected the guards to change their minds and lock everyone up. I honestly didn’t see any other creature in that cave, once I saw my mom I got tunnel vision. I heard Mi’Kael and Benefisto talking to the guards and then everyone muttering to each other on the way out, but all I was focused on was getting out of there. It wasn’t until later when they were asking Atharia about the prison when I realized there were other creatures down there. I’ve seen mom use her magical abilities and she should have had no problem just walking right out of there on her own, and I was always confused why she hadn’t, but how she talked about that obelisk really made me uneasy. I am inclined to believe what the others are saying, and whatever is going on down there can’t be good. They’ve been coming up with some pretty cock-a-mimi schemes to get down there and free the rest of the creatures though. Mi’Kael keeps saying something about ‘masks are the answer’ , and I don’t know how that is even supposed to help. Ishida has been pretty quiet, maybe he can reign the group in and come up with something that won’t get us all killed.

Returning to the king with the Trident, I was a little preoccupied with making sure I had covered everything for mom’s journey out of the city. So as I hung in the back while Benefisto spoke for the group I wasn’t really paying attention, until the circle of flames leapt up in front of us and snapped me back to reality. What the fuck was that thing!?! I’ve never seen anything like the black flames that emanated from its body. And what it spoke about made no sense. All I know is that I have a pit deep in my stomach…I think we are caught in the middle of something way bigger than just a war, and whatever it was that we just fought terrifies me…

Jack on the Scroll in the Bar…

Whew, that whiskey is strong. They had a thing called ‘bar back’ at this place–get a mug of ale and a shot of whiskey together. I asked for a mug of whiskey and a shot of beer, and they thought it was so funny, they gave it to me, half price. Now…well, I don’t think I’ll be ordering a second one.

So I thought I was hallucinating when some broad barged into the bar and starting announcing something. Quite a bold beggar, I’ll give her that, but then she plops down some scrolls, says something about the king, and stomps out.

We lean over and read it. Two scrolls, side by side, identical and moving around. Holy shit a magic message from the King! Oh, it slowly comes into focus and I realize I’m glad I didn’t verbalize that thought.

Who is Fallacus the Bold? Is it just me, or does that sound like Phallus? There have been a lot of phallic and other crude references during this little adventure with this gang. Or maybe I’m pretty drunk and it just sounds funny. Phallus. Phallicus…Phallus the Bold. Man, I could write a memoir entitled that…but Scarlet would probably kill me. Damn I hope I find her. I can’t give up hope.

Anyway, who are the Freetribes? Are we the great lights that have arisen, signaled by the white moon and the sun? Are we the followers of Phallus, er Fallicus?

The numbers are so specific, could they be significant?

Wow this is a bit too much for me after that mug of whiskey. Seemed like such a good idea…

I wonder what the others are making of this…

Avatar of Nature

While learning and training with my Mentor, I thought I understood Mother Nature, and her ideas of Justice.   When my mentor was killed, I felt an anger towards those responsible that I had never felt before.  It was if the rage of a Hurricane was inside me, waiting to be unleashed.  I wasn’t frightened by it but angry.  Angry that Mother Nature would stay her hand and allow my mentor, a peaceful man to be killed.  I left the forest.  I hunted those responsible down and returned what they did to my mentor ten fold.  The only reason I am not in chains or was put to death is because mankind could not prove a human was responsible.  Nay, they did not want to believe a human could be responsible for such atrocities. I retreated to the forest, searching for answers but receiving none.

And then, one day, I woke up, with my memories foggy, and thrown into a worldly event that I know is important but I was not sure how or why I was chosen.  I followed the group because I wanted my memories returned.  But now…things are different now.

During the journey for the first shard, when I met the druid of the living woods, my eyes became open.  People believe Mother Nature is docile and the storms that rain down upon the world as chaotic, and not deliberate.  Mother Nature could not stop the events that led to my mentor’s death.  I had mistaken the lack of intervention as Mother Nature not caring.  How wrong I had been.  The storm of vengeance that I unleashed was a gift from Mother Nature.  She needed an Avatar to speak on her behalf.  I see that now.  I had been ashamed of my actions until that day.  Now, I rejoice.  I did not turn my back on Mother Nature, nor did Mother Nature turn her back on me. She chose me to be her Avatar of Justice.

I was chosen to help find the Trident.  This event will have far reaching implications for the world and Mother Nature will have her say.


I am glad to finally back to the city. Although I find myself more at home out in the open air feeling the danger and insecurity of the wild I am excited to resupply and upgrade. my blade will be repaired and honed so I can bring my enemies to the justice they deserve. I am also planning on finding better ways to protect myself so that I can better protect the rest of my party so that they can do what they do.

after we got to town I found a new respect for the half-orc Kael. where as previously he had shown no passion for anything other than saving his own skin, he came alive inside the Bears Head Inn. showing pride in his craft as well as a competitive side that I never expected, and to top it off, it turns out that he is quite impressive in the art of singing/entertaining. I hadn’t ever paid any attention during battle as I had other things on my mind but after that showdown I completely understand why his song bolsters us during combat. well done Kael!

after getting some rest it was decided that we would hold back some information and lead the king to believe we did not have the trident piece but that it was on its way to the city and would arrive within a few days. this was done to determine the honesty and honor of the king or else I would never have agreed to it. after giving this information to both the king and the executor I am convince that neither of them have nefarious intentions when it comes to the trident, however I am still VERY wary of the kings adviser. Be that as it may if we do not turn over the piece we will not get Tyriels’s mother back and it is my firm belief that our piece is needed in order to find the other two. I will hold our party to the two days. when that time is up I will deliver the piece myself if need be.

I am anxious to get back out there and find these other pieces. the longer we wait the stronger the enemy becomes and the closer we get to the city being overrun. I am trying to be patient as I know what my zeal has cost me in the past but I no that it will not be much longer before I am urging our party to continue on our quest.

Music, anguish and love

So far I haven’t been too impressed with Mi’Kael’s songs…and sometimes I wonder if he’s really on our side. But he really had the inn enthralled last night. It was pretty amazing. I’d heard the the story of Kaegar breaking the castle walls with his hammer but I didn’t know about the rest of the surrounding events. In the midst of the war, Mi’Kael’s warlike chant was very apropos and was received to resounding applause, mine included.

I’m seething about the group’s decision to deceive the king and delay the delivery of the trident peice. While I let out a huge sigh of relief at not being arrested, or beheaded for that matter, I am scared that waiting the two days could be too long and my mom Atharia dies before we can release her. All for what seems like a pointless stunt. I am truly grateful for everything this group of men has done, and we all made it back alive. So I kept my mouth shut when the majority were agreed, but being so close and having to wait helplessly is torture.

My greatest solace is the chance to see Lilly again. The memory of her smile has been a beacon to me on this long trek, and once we finish with Darion the Exactor I intend to find her and bask in that smile. When we first met she had been watching me buy 15 loaves of bread every day for weeks, and she finally followed me to the quarry, curious what I was doing with so much bread. After I bribed the guard to give the bread to my mom and those imprisoned there, I realize she had been following me and I confronted her.

When she learned of my story, she did all she could to help me, even convinced the guards to let us in and care for any wounded once…that had been the first time I had seen Atharia since she was taken. And I think that was when I first fell in love with Lilly; watching her so tenderly care for all those imprisoned, even fearlessly approaching that gryphon the guards wouldn’t go near..there was just something so graceful and and lovely about her.

I know she has given vows to her order and we can never really be together, but I commissioned a copy of my family ring to be made for her, and it should be ready now that we’ve returned. I will give it to her if it’s finished. Her goddess: Shelyn the goddess of love, beauty, and music. And the god I have lived with, and for, since coming to be raised by a nymph in the woods: Gozreh the god of nature. My birth mother told me long ago the symbol on the ring is called the tryst of nature and beauty and has Gozreh and Shelyn entwined as lovers. I’m not really even sure if she’ll accept it, but it just seems so appropriate between the two of us, and I can’t help but feel this near instant bond with her.

The next few days could prove to be either a culmination of over a year of planning, stress, and worry, along with a confirmation of love… Or the undoing of every fiber of happiness, and sanity I have left.

What’s on Kael’s Mind Now?

Entry One:

Kael was recently inspired by the near-death of Ishinda.

To the Word was added:

There once was a man of great courage,
Whose sword through spider-queen surged,
Much to his chagrin, he was beset by her kin,
And by spidery-grease-flame was purged.

Entry Two:

Kael enjoyed eating new food and drink. Kael was thrilled to discover the Druegar, and was inspired by his time among them.

To the Word was added:

Druegar dwell in caverns dank and old,
drinking rancid fish-brew cold,
and munching luminous, scrumptious mold.

To the Teka-God Seraph do Druegar pray,
From whose Powerful Balls their city sprung.
And so, that foes and evil be held at bay,
Hear Word, so their tale is ever sung.

Entry Three:

Kael was inspired by the summoning of the trident piece. Kael was joyful to find Guttwad unharmed. Kael was disturbed by the presence of a phase spider. Kael was enraged at the Satyr’s slander of Orkish music. Kael was appeased somewhat by being allowed to pass.

Entry Four:

Kael’s Current Appraisal of the Kompanions:

Benefisto: Kael’s feelings and thoughts mixed on Benefisto. On one hand, Benefisto is Kael’s most battle proven Kompanion. Benefisto reliable, and has provided aid with strong regenerative magiks.

On other hand, though Kael try to think of Benefisto as Shaman, Benefisto seem to lack tie to a people. Benefisto like nasty no-good wilderness stuff. This proved useful, but is perhaps a sign of a sick mind. Benefisto also say he would slay Ork immediately: Kael will remember this.

Guttwad: Kael think Guttwad have great potential, and hopes that Guttwad may walk the Orkish path of the Sneaky Git. Kael proud of Guttwad’s progress, and greatly joyed by his addition to the Kompanions.

Ishinda:  Kael is comforted by Ishinda’s Orkyness; Ishinda behaves like normal healthy Ork Grunt, not shying from battle and settling disputes in a traditional, wholesome violent manner. Ishinda make good footsoldier, and Kael feel he know where stand with Ishinda—most often in back with bow. Kael finds it interesting that pale sub-orks call being Orky “honor”, and is curious to the nature of this.

Jack: Jack talk funny, and makes grand noise with the long flash-stik. Kael think Jack on to something with his weapon. Gun need to be bigger, or strapped with more guns; bigger and more are always better. Kael foresees such weapons to greatly benefit the Orkish horde. The secret of these weapons, as well as the Teka, from Jack to Kael to Word would Kael add.

Tyriel: Tyriel is part Elf, and so naturally has greater distance to cover in becoming Orky. Kael pities and sympathizes with Tyriel in this respect; Kael too had struggled with becoming Orky, and overcoming the adversity of those who were fully Ork by blood. Kael intends in time to comfort Tyriel through explaining how one can be Ork both in blood, spirit, and manner, and so to encourage Tyriel, but has been pre-occupied with the quest.

Kael trusts Tyriel more now than when the quest began. Kael admires Tyriel’s bowmanship, which rivals that of some Riders. Kael thinks Tyriel might improve by worrying less about aim, and focus on shooting arrow more and harder.